Laser Level Hire

Laser Hire from JB Sales Limited

Choose from a range of options including standard rotating laser, dual grade laser, pipe laser and interior laser.

All rotating laser hires come with receiver, bracket, tripod and staff included unless otherwise requested.  Pipe lasers have either 4" or 6" options.

Delivery can be same day in certain locations, next day as standard or collection from any of our branches during normal working hours.

If you're not sure which rotating laser is most suitable for your project the chart below shows the main features of each.  If you're still unsure just give our team a call and they can help.

Feature Standard Laser Level Dual-Grade Laser Level Interior Laser Level
Typical Use General levelling tasks such as hanging pictures, installing shelves, etc. Land grading, site preparation, slope work Indoor construction tasks like hanging cabinets, installing drop ceilings, etc.
Laser Range Usually shorter range, up to 30-100 feet Longer range, up to 100-2000 feet Typically shorter range, up to 30-100 feet
Beam Colour Red Typically Red or Infrared Red or Green
Accuracy Moderate accuracy, around ±1/8 inch at 30 feet Higher accuracy, around ±1/16 inch at 100 feet Moderate to high accuracy, similar to standard laser levels
Slope Capability Typically not capable of slope adjustments Can adjust slope in both X and Y axes Typically not capable of slope adjustments
Self-Levelling Most have self-levelling capabilities within a certain range Self-levelling even on slopes Self-levelling within a certain range
Environmental Resistance Varies, some may be water and dust resistant Usually more rugged and weather-resistant Often designed for indoor use, may not be as rugged
Mounting Options Can be mounted on tripods or attached to surfaces Usually compatible with various mounting options Can be mounted on tripods or attached to surfaces
Display & Controls Simple controls and displays May have more advanced controls for slope adjustment Simple controls and displays suitable for indoor use
Cost Generally more affordable Higher cost due to additional features Moderate cost, depending on features and brand

This chart provides a basic overview of the differences between these types of laser levels. Keep in mind that specific models may vary in features and capabilities, so it's essential to review individual product specifications before making a decision.

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