Machine Control Hire

Machine Control Hire From JB Survey Limited

Machine Control Hire from JB Sales Limited

Choose from a range of options including 2D Machine Control, 3D Machine Control and GPS stations from Topcon and iDig.

All hire systems will come with the required removeable components but will exclude wiring.

Delivery can be next day as standard or collection from any of our branches during normal working hours if self install is an option.

If you're not sure which system is most suitable for your project the chart below shows the main features of each.  If you're still unsure just give our team a call and they can help.

Feature 2D Machine Control System 3D Machine Control System
Type of Control Provides control in two dimensions (X and Y) Provides control in three dimensions (X, Y, and Z)
Typical Use Suitable for flat surfaces, such as roads, highways, and flat pads Suitable for complex surfaces with varying elevations, such as earthworks, grading, and contouring
Accuracy Provides accuracy in two dimensions (X and Y) Provides accuracy in three dimensions (X, Y, and Z)
Compatibility Compatible with simpler equipment like dozers, graders, and excavators Compatible with more advanced equipment capable of 3D movement
Application Complexity Generally simpler to set up and operate Requires more advanced setup and operator training due to the additional dimension
Flexibility Limited flexibility in accommodating changes in elevation or contouring Offers greater flexibility in accommodating changes in elevation and complex terrain
Cost Generally more affordable compared to 3D systems Usually higher cost due to the added complexity and capabilities
Versatility Limited versatility in handling complex terrain and multi-layered projects Versatile in handling complex terrain, multi-layered projects, and precise grading tasks
Workflow Efficiency Provides basic guidance for flat surfaces, but may require more manual intervention for complex tasks Enhances workflow efficiency by providing precise guidance for complex grading tasks
Construction Applications Suitable for basic earthmoving and grading tasks on relatively flat surfaces Ideal for complex earthmoving, grading, and contouring tasks on varied terrain

This chart provides a basic comparison between 2D and 3D machine control systems. Keep in mind that specific models and implementations may vary in features and capabilities, so it's essential to review individual product specifications and consult with experts before making a decision.

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