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Robotic and Standard Total Stations - GPS Rover or Base and Rover - Total Station GPS Hybrid

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If you're not sure which option is most suitable for your project the chart below shows the main features of each.  If you're still unsure just give our team a call and they can help.

Feature GPS Rover GPS Base and Rover Total Station
Technology Relies on satellite signals for positioning Combination of satellite signals and local base station corrections Uses electromagnetic distance and angle measurements
Accuracy High accuracy, typically within a few centimeters High accuracy, similar to GPS rover, but improved with local corrections High accuracy, typically within millimeters
Range Virtually unlimited range as long as there is satellite coverage Limited range, typically up to several kilometers from the base station Limited range, usually a few hundred meters
Mobility Portable and can be carried to various locations Portable, but limited by the distance from the base station Generally less portable than GPS systems, requires setup at each location
Terrain Works well in open areas with clear sky visibility Works well in areas with clear sky visibility but may be affected by obstacles Can work in various terrains, including areas with obstacles
Setup Time Quick setup time, usually only requires powering on and waiting for satellite acquisition Requires additional setup time to establish communication with the base station Typically requires more setup time for levelling and calibration
Data Collection Real-time data collection with immediate results Real-time data collection with immediate results, improved accuracy with base station corrections Data collection may require more time and manual input
Cost Moderate to high cost, depending on the brand and features Moderate to high cost, additional cost for base station Moderate to high cost, depending on the brand and features

This chart provides a basic overview of the differences between these types of surveying equipment. Keep in mind that specific models may vary in features and capabilities, so it's essential to review individual product specifications before making a decision.

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